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  • Children’s attractions

    Children’s attractions

    DinoPark consists of not only models of life-size dinosaurs, but also a number of attractions for children of all ages. What child wouldn’t want to look at the world through the eyes of a dinosaur just hatching from its shell, uncover the hidden skeleton of a prehistoric creature on a paleontological playground, have fun with other kids on monkey bars and swings, or take a unique picture for the family photo album in our photosauros. Not only this, but much more is ready at each DinoPark for our youngest visitors. We do everything in our DinoParks to make children smile and their eyes sparkle.

  • DinoBike


    The DinoBike pedal-powered elevated chair ride - a unique excursion over the heads of the dinosaurs. This new attraction allows visitors to see DinoPark Vyškov from a bird’s eye perspective, literally! Riding over the heads of dinosaurs at a height of up to 11 m will be an unforgettable experience for every brave soul. This specially designed bike skirting the treetops is 312 meters long and can handle up to ten moving simultaneously under the cycling power of the riders.

    The main component of the special structure is the load-bearing line stretched over sixteen poles. This line is ideally preloaded so that as the riders move there is only minimal sag and they can pedal as strenuously as they want.The bikes have a universal size and adjustable pedal bracket to offer a comfortable ride for any visitor from 150 to 200 cm in height, with a maximum weight of 100 kg. The price of this attraction (unique and rare throughout Central Europe!) is 50 CZK/ride, during which you will be able to pass over the heads of Mesozoic giants for about 15 minutes and enjoy the best view of DinoPark Vyškov, which was not possible before.

    Hundreds of hours of preparation and testing were invested in developing this attraction. Two years passed from the initial idea up to the construction of the DinoBike track, and everything comes from WEST MEDIA, s.r.o., a manufacturing company in Pilsen, with help from reputable suppliers.

  • Journey to Earth’s Past

    Journey to Earth’s Past

    Journey to Earth’s Past is a small pavilion with actual artifacts from ancient times starting from the Proterozoic to today. You can admire a real Tertiary scorpion, the imprint of prehistoric dragonfly wings, horsetail fossils found in in the Czech Republic, an imitation of a real paleontological excavation, and much more. The pavilion has been built in cooperation with the Museum of Western Bohemia in Pilsen and the head of its paleontology department, RNDr. Josef Pšenička, PhD.

  • Paleontological playground

    Paleontological playground

    A paleontological playground for children is part of every DinoPark. Small visitors with a brush, shovel and good dose of patience are needed for revealing the skeleton of a prehistoric creature hidden deep in the sand. These are the necessary tools for every proper paleontologist.

  • Wollemia Nobilis

    Wollemia Nobilis


    A unique feature of world significance located in DinoPark since 2006 is the live Mesozoic tree WOLLEMIA NOBILIS. This species of prehistoric pine was discovered in 1994 in only 39 specimens in the Australian wilderness. For botanists, encountering this tree is the same as if a biologist encountered a real live dinosaur. The tree lived on earth 175 million years ago.

  • 4D Cinema

    4D Cinema

    A unique 4D cinema is part of every DinoPark. This is technically advanced equipment able to project two images simultaneously, thus giving the impression of the plasticity of the image. Using 3D polarized glasses handed out on loan, visitors can watch a film through plasticity with the illusion of three-dimensional projection.

    The film was produced specifically for DinoPark and is screened only there.

    Admission to the 4D cinema is included in the ticket price.

  • Dinoexpres


    The visitors are transported to DinoPark by a our special train or bus called DinoExpress. You can stay in DinoPark as long as you want and then just get on the next DinoExpress and go back to ZOO. There is no direct entrance to DinoPark for public, neither a parking place, so it is necessary to go to ZOO first.

    The ticket includes the entrance to DinoPark, as well as ZOOPARK, there are no hidden fees. The ticket includes entrance to DinoPark, entrance to ZOOPARK, DinoExpress transportation to DinoPark and back to ZOOPARK, 4D Cinema, parking and toilets.

    DinoPark is closed in the winter period and also DinoExpress and 4D Cinema are not working.

DinoPark Plzeň

DinoPark Zoo Pilsen

A forest park near the Pilsen Zoo with dozens of life-size dinosaurs. Gigantic Apatosaurus, the most photographed T-Rex, a pond with waterfall, a view of all Pilsen from Brachiosaurus, children’s attractions, swings and slides.


DinoPark Harfa Praha

DinoPark Prague

DinoPark on the roof of Harfa shopping mall overlooking Prague. Eye-catching 11 m tall Therizinosaurus, pair of robotic tyrannosaurs, children’s jungle gyms and mist device for refreshment on hot days. Near the city center,
free parking.


DinoPark Vyškov

Zoo Vyškov

The unforgettable DinoExpress ride, 311 m long DinoBike cableway, giant Quetzalcoatlus with nest, Megalosaurus, children’s jungle gym, swings, observatory with the opportunity to look at
the sun. Forest park with plenty
of nooks for relaxation.


DinoPark Liberec

DinoPark Liberec

Indoor DinoPark at the Liberec Plaza open year-round. Mesozoic storm with actual rain, rope jumping castle, photo shoot with live crocodiles, DinoTrek, DinoLaser, and much more. The most comprehensive
DinoPark in the country.


DinoPark Ostrava

DinoPark Ostrava

The largest DinoPark in the country, 15 km from Ostrava in an area full of fun. DinoExpress ride, Mesozoic volcano, DinoMaze, mini zoo, DinoRace, trail of the nimble Deinonychus, a huge Seismosaurus, children’s area
with lots of slides.


DinoPark Košice

DinoPark Zoo Košice

Wonderful small valley with a stream full of dinosaur models at the Košice Zoo, view from Stegosaurus, robotic Liopleurodon, captivating scene with a giant Diplodocus in a swamp.


DinoPark Algar

DinoPark Algar

DinoPark is 17 km far from the Benidorm summer resort. Moving and static models of dinosaurs in a cactus garden, fountains with turtles, Mesozoic wading pool, beautiful natural scenery and the weather
still sunny.


DinoPark Budapest

Köki Budapest

Egyedülálló, állandó attrakció nyitja meg kapuit a KÖKI tetőteraszán, 2023.09.01!
Az 1,5 hektárnyi területen mezozoikum kori élőhelyüket idéző környezetben fedezhetitek majd fel az őslényeket.


  • Operator

    Producer and operator
    of DinoPark is the company WEST MEDIA, s.r.o.:

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