• Welcome to DinoPark ZOO Vyškov

    DinoPark and ZOO PARK Vyskov represent an ideal combination to get information about long-extinct Mesozoic giants and about fauna at present focusing on local domestic animals. DinoPark Vyskov is located in a picturesque forest park on the outskirts Vyskov, and dinosaurs literally fell in love with the environment. Dozens of life-size models, Cinema 4D with panoramic film in the ticket price, absolutely unique hanging cableway called DinoBike that will let you see DinoPark from bird´s eye view; and a list of attractions is just beginning, come and see. A unique road train DinoExpress will transport you to zoopark and back for free.

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  • Why DinoPark?

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    Every DinoPark is different

    Embark on an epic adventure into the Mesozoic Era. Seeing one DinoPark is not enough, each on eis different, each on eis unique. DinoPark is ideal for a family day out.

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    It shows the mysterious world of the Mesozoic Era

    DinoPark reveals the previously unknown world of dinosaurs. Kids will have fun and likewise take away new knowledge about the history of our planet Earth.

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    3D Cinema

    Each park has a 3D cinema made specifically for DinoPark. The entrance to the cinema is included in the ticket price to DinoPark.

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    All for the comfort of children and their parents.

    Each DinoPark offers refreshments, playgrounds, parking, and a DinoShop with dinosaur souvenirs. Children can play and parents relax.

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    Every year new scenes, new models, new surprises and fun

    DinoPark prepares new additions every year in the form of new models and scenes, as well as non-traditional play and entertainment features.

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    DinoPark is suitable for children of all ages

    The smallest, small and large visitors will find something in DinoPark to amuse and interest them. DinoPark is not only a source of entertainment for children, but also knowledge.

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  • Before a visit

    Opening hours

    Opening hours (in October last departure from the zoopark to DinoPark  at 16:00)

    1.-2., 6.-10., 15-16., 22.-23., 29.- 30.
    MAY 1., 6.-8., from 13.5. OPEN DAILY 9:00–18:00
    JUNE OPEN DAILY 9:00–18:00
    JULY OPEN DAILY 9:00–18:00
    AUGUST OPEN DAILY 9:00–18:00
    1, 7.-8., 14-15., 21.-22., 26.-29.

    The DinoPark ticket includes admission to Vyškov Zoo. Here you can have a look at various familiar animals and more exotic ones. There are a total of 456 animals in 133 species. The biggest attraction is Grandma’s Farm, where you can walk directly among the animals and the children can pet them. The DinoPark ticket includes also visit of the unique 4D Cinema. Polarization 3D glasses are lent to our visitors free of charge.

    Information for schools


    One-day ticket
      DinoPark and ZOO PARK
    ADULTS 290 CZK

    Yearly ticket*
      DinoPark and ZOO PARK
    ADULTS (12 ENTRIES) 1000 CZK

    * Yearly ticket is non-transferable, it is valid only for the person with the name on the ticket.

    We accept payments with all current bank cards.

    Plan of DinoPark and ZOO PARK Vyskov

    Planek -  DinoPark ZOO Vyškov

  • How to get to DinoPark

    DinoPark and ZOO PARK Vyskov

    Cukrovarská 9, 682 01 Vyškov
    Phone number: +420 378 774 636
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The entrance to DinoPark is possible only through ZOOPARK in the centre of the town. The visitors
    are transported to DinoPark by our special Dinoexpress. It is not possible to visit only DinoPark.
    Visiting time of DinoPark is not limited.


    On foot from the bus station:

    Follow streets „Brněnská“–„Hřbitovní“–„Cukrovarská“ to the main entrance to ZOO. It is approx. 600 m.


    On foot from the train station:

    Follow streets „Brněnská“–„Hřbitovní“–„Cukrovarská“ to the main entrance to ZOO. It is approx. 1000 m.


    By car:

    From the main road around Vyškov turn left (direction from Olomouc) to LIDL supermarket and follow the road. The ZOO is a few meters behind the supermarket. The journey through Vyškov is marked by brown informational signs ZOOPARK.

    GPS navigation: 49.2740403N, 16.9978886E |N49° 16' 26.545", E16° 59' 52.399"

DinoPark Plzeň

DinoPark Zoo Pilsen

A forest park near the Pilsen Zoo with dozens of life-size dinosaurs. Gigantic Apatosaurus, the most photographed T-Rex, a pond with waterfall, a view of all Pilsen from Brachiosaurus, children’s attractions, swings and slides.


DinoPark Harfa Praha

DinoPark Prague

DinoPark on the roof of Harfa shopping mall overlooking Prague. Eye-catching 11 m tall Therizinosaurus, pair of robotic tyrannosaurs, children’s jungle gyms and mist device for refreshment on hot days. Near the city center,
free parking.


DinoPark Vyškov

Zoo Vyškov

The unforgettable DinoExpress ride, 311 m long DinoBike cableway, giant Quetzalcoatlus with nest, Megalosaurus, children’s jungle gym, swings, observatory with the opportunity to look at
the sun. Forest park with plenty
of nooks for relaxation.


DinoPark Liberec

DinoPark Liberec

Indoor DinoPark at the Liberec Plaza open year-round. Mesozoic storm with actual rain, rope jumping castle, photo shoot with live crocodiles, DinoTrek, DinoLaser, and much more. The most comprehensive
DinoPark in the country.


DinoPark Ostrava

DinoPark Ostrava

The largest DinoPark in the country, 15 km from Ostrava in an area full of fun. DinoExpress ride, Mesozoic volcano, DinoMaze, mini zoo, DinoRace, trail of the nimble Deinonychus, a huge Seismosaurus, children’s area
with lots of slides.


DinoPark Košice

DinoPark Zoo Košice

Wonderful small valley with a stream full of dinosaur models at the Košice Zoo, view from Stegosaurus, robotic Liopleurodon, captivating scene with a giant Diplodocus in a swamp.


DinoPark Algar

DinoPark Algar

DinoPark is 17 km far from the Benidorm summer resort. Moving and static models of dinosaurs in a cactus garden, fountains with turtles, Mesozoic wading pool, beautiful natural scenery and the weather
still sunny.


DinoPark Budapest

Köki Budapest

Egyedülálló, állandó attrakció nyitja meg kapuit a KÖKI tetőteraszán, 2023.09.01!
Az 1,5 hektárnyi területen mezozoikum kori élőhelyüket idéző környezetben fedezhetitek majd fel az őslényeket.


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    Producer and operator
    of DinoPark is the company WEST MEDIA, s.r.o.:

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    Stará cesta 2, 312 00 Plzeň
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