• Frequently Asked Questions

    Can dogs come to Dinopark?

    We are sorry to have to say not.

    Is DinoPark associated with the Belgorod Zoo?

    Yes. Visitors can choose to see only DinoPark, only the Zoo, or both attractions together. The passage between the Zoo and DinoPark is at the scene of the two Tyrannosaurs and near the children’s playground at the Zoo.

    Is DinoPark suitable for small children?

    Absolutely! It is possible that a small child looking at Tyrannosaurus showing its teeth will feel a little scared, but it certainly will not be anything terrible… We have prepared a playground with many attractions and other models expect from carnivores for small children.

    Does a school trip have to order a particular time to get in?

    No. DinoPark has sufficient space, just come during opening hours.

    Is DinoPark wheelchair accessible?

    Yes. You should, however, note that you will be moving around in a natural environment. Some paths are difficult to access.

    How much does the car park and toilet cost?

    Nothing. In Dinopark, there are no hidden fees.

    Is photography and filming allowed in Dinopark?

    Yes, unrestricted for personal use. The commercial use of photos and videos requires the written consent of the operator.

    Is touching the displayed exhibits allowed?

    Touching most of the displayed exhibits is impossible. Of course, there are some selected models in Dinopark where this is possible.

DinoPark Plzeň

DinoPark Zoo Pilsen

A forest park near the Pilsen Zoo with dozens of life-size dinosaurs. Gigantic Apatosaurus, the most photographed T-Rex, a pond with waterfall, a view of all Pilsen from Brachiosaurus, children’s attractions, swings and slides.


DinoPark Harfa Praha

DinoPark Prague

DinoPark on the roof of Harfa shopping mall overlooking Prague. Eye-catching 11 m tall Therizinosaurus, pair of robotic tyrannosaurs, children’s jungle gyms and mist device for refreshment on hot days. Near the city center,
free parking.


DinoPark Vyškov

Zoo Vyškov

The unforgettable DinoExpress ride, 311 m long DinoBike cableway, giant Quetzalcoatlus with nest, Megalosaurus, children’s jungle gym, swings, observatory with the opportunity to look at
the sun. Forest park with plenty
of nooks for relaxation.


DinoPark Liberec

DinoPark Liberec

Indoor DinoPark at the Liberec Plaza open year-round. Mesozoic storm with actual rain, rope jumping castle, photo shoot with live crocodiles, DinoTrek, DinoLaser, and much more. The most comprehensive
DinoPark in the country.


DinoPark Ostrava

DinoPark Ostrava

The largest DinoPark in the country, 15 km from Ostrava in an area full of fun. DinoExpress ride, Mesozoic volcano, DinoMaze, mini zoo, DinoRace, trail of the nimble Deinonychus, a huge Seismosaurus, children’s area
with lots of slides.


DinoPark Košice

DinoPark Zoo Košice

Wonderful small valley with a stream full of dinosaur models at the Košice Zoo, view from Stegosaurus, robotic Liopleurodon, captivating scene with a giant Diplodocus in a swamp.


DinoPark Algar

DinoPark Algar

DinoPark is 17 km far from the Benidorm summer resort. Moving and static models of dinosaurs in a cactus garden, fountains with turtles, Mesozoic wading pool, beautiful natural scenery and the weather
still sunny.


DinoPark Budapest

Köki Budapest

Egyedülálló, állandó attrakció nyitja meg kapuit a KÖKI tetőteraszán, 2023.09.01!
Az 1,5 hektárnyi területen mezozoikum kori élőhelyüket idéző környezetben fedezhetitek majd fel az őslényeket.


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    Operator: DinoPark Belgorod
    Production: DinoPark Europe, , Czech Republic